Best Ashok Leyland 3718 Truck Pack by Jky5 Players

Description :

This is ashok leyland tamilnadu state leyland lorry mod for Euro truck simulator 2 game. it has free mod and has maximum quality with medium poly mod (Medium model). This mod has 10×4 and 8×2 chassis with diffrent types of load.

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Ashok Leyland is an Indian multinational automotive company that produces commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses. There are several Ashok Leyland lorry mods available for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2), which allow players to add Ashok Leyland trucks to their game. Here are some details about the ETS2 Ashok Leyland lorry mods:

Features of this Mod :

SIX TYPES TRUCK IN ONE PACK [with load and without load]

  • 1 [10X4 Chassis] Load truck mod
  • 1 [10X4 Chassis] Empty load truck mod
  • 1 [8×2 Chassis] Insulated truck mod
  • 1 [8×2 Chassis] Borewell truck mod
  • 1 [8×2 Chassis] Empty load truck mod
  • 1 [8×2 Chassis] Load truck mod

Gearbox Animation with smooth experience

 2 New Human models on truck cabin

 Three Types of Steering with high quality

1 Extra Leyland Lorry tyre [back and front]

 2 Extra Leyland Lorry Rim [front and back]

The ETS2 Ashok Leyland lorry mods are a great way to experience driving Ashok Leyland trucks in the popular truck simulator game. With their realistic details and customization options, players can create a unique gameplay experience and explore new routes with the iconic Indian truck brand.

Mod Details :

  • Mod name : Ashok Leyland Truck
  • Mod Credit : Jky5 Players
  • Complicated Versions : 1.31 -1.39
  • Include models : 6 Types of Models

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