Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) मैं Mods कैसे Install करे | How To Install Mods in BUSSID

Game Details :

  • Game Name : Bus Simulator Indonesia
  • Working Devices of This Game : Android , IOS
  • Install This Game : [Android]

How To Install :

First you need to install Bus simulator indonesia game in your device. after install follow these step by step. read carefully and follow all steps otherwise mods not install properly .

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Install ZARCHIEVE app in your device and follow these steps.

STEP 1 :

Open this app and goto “DOCUMENTS” folder which show in image.

STEP 2 :

Now goto “BUSSID” folder which show upon this image.

STEP 3 :

after that goto “MODS” folder and paste your mods in that folder.

First of all you need to download mods you can easily download that mods in YouTube or Google Chrome. Just serach your favourite mod in that platform.

Example : if you want to download Leyland lorry mod then search it on YouTube or Google

Paste your mod file in mods folder and don’t forget that your mod file need .bussidmod formet so paste that file not to paste zip or rar file in that folder.

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