Parkash Vega SETC Bus Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia

  • Game Name : Bus Simulator Indonesia
  • Mod Name : Parkash Vega SETC Bus
  • Mod Credit : Lynx Modding
  • Work on : Low and High End Devices

Play Parkash Vega SETC Bus with Real Experiance. Download this mod now ! this mod has high poly means High Edited model. this mod availabe diffrent variants , load bus and without load. AC Coach and Non AC Coach are availabe in this Mod. This mod Created by Lynx Modding and Release it as a free for All. also this mod run on low and high end devices. This mod availabe in Sleeper Coach AC and Non AC variants. Realistic Front and Back Side Body. highly detailed model, with Load and Without Load. You can open driver and passanger door in this mod.

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In Fort side a small logo of Parkash Coach, with SETC Name. in this mod you have many animation keys.

If you are wondering which game is this then i told you that this is Bus simulator indonesia as a BUSSID. and on this post i showed you a SETC Parkash vega Bus Mod. SETC Full name is STATE EXPRESS TRANSPORT CORPORATION. SETC is separated from TNSTC to operate longer distance comfort services for the public.

About this game :

if you don’t know which game is that then i told you that this game is Bus simulator Indonesia, which working on Mobile devices. you can create your own truck, bus , car or whatever you want. in latest update of this game you can create your own city or imagination map and drive on that map roads.

If you want to download this game then Click here : 

Download Here :

If you have 2 GB Ram or low device then don’t worry you cant play this game in low graphics and if you want to play this game in high graphics then you faced lag issue. this game provide you a real life driving experience with realistic sounds. also you can add your favourite truck, bus or car skins (livery) and you can add your favourite horn track.

Also while driving if you want to play a music then you can play your favourite music in the playlist on Radio.

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